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Perspective parties looking for vacancy status are required at their own discretion to visit our office or website at any given time for a current update of any and all of our vacancies either current or coming.

Telephone calls will be assisted with updates at that particular moment of status of keys being returned, applications pending, status of cleaning and availability.

Specific discussion on “what we have available or coming available” will be referred to our website or our inner office vacancy listing/direct help at our counter. This way we can provide you with a current listing complete with explanation, availability dates, rent rates, deposit requirements and additional information on any and all units available or available with timeframe.

Applications will ONLY be received upon you viewing the particular unit you wish to apply for personally. We want you to approve the unit prior to submitting an application.

We will take up to three (3) applications on one particular unit at a time from parties who have physically viewed the unit applied for. Applications will be screened in direct order of submitting! ** If you are a “backup applicant” and there is at least one application ahead of you, it is your sole responsibility to contact our office at any time you feel necessary to seek update on the status of applications ahead of you.  Encore does not guarantee the ability to notify you of any change.

Screening charges WILL NOT be taken when application is submitted for screening. We conduct a “preliminary screening” of the first application on a unit and upon receiving preliminary approval, we will then call you to obtain your application screening charge(s) (per applicant) at that point, run the criminal/credit report and seek final approval from our property owner.

Upon receiving final approval on your application, as indicated in our paperwork, we will move to setup a move in appointment within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays). You will be required to submit all refundable security deposits and prorated rent and sign a rental/lease agreement within this timeframe. ** Unless otherwise requested and approved for different move in date/time submitted at the very time you submit your application.

Remember….. when submitting your application:

1)      You have viewed the unit you are applying for and your application is complete!

2)      You agree that if and when approved, you can and will pay all deposits, pay all pro-rated rent, have utilities transferred and sign a lease/rental agreement for such unit approved for within 48 hours (excluding weekends or holidays).

3)      You have requested at the time you submit your application any and all concerns, questions, problems, special requests of any nature to the staffing associate assisting you.

4)      You have available to provide any documentation that will assist with screening your application. Such as, identification, pay stubs, letters from previous references and/or special consideration requests.

Move In Day appointment will be set upon notification of formal approval of your application. You agree to be prompt and on time for this appointment with all parties who will be signing the rental/lease agreement present, copies of identification present, monies owed for pro-rate rent and/or deposits in hand as well as notification of utility account numbers as requested upon approval of your application. 


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